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Besides the many health and fitness benefits – people who rebound find they are able to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous. One of the immediate effects after a session is that you feel alive and energised – and this feeling can last for hours after you’ve bounced.

Health and fitness centres throughout the USA, the UK, the EU and Australia have begun including rebounding classes in their programs, with large corporations also taking advantage of it’s accessibility. Absenteeism is reduced and levels of energy and morale are increased. A bonus for people with busy schedules is the time efficiency.

2 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 6 minutes of running, 10 minutes of swimming and 22 mins of walking. A 5-minute bounce is therefore equivalent to doing a quick jog around the block and 20 minutes offers similar benefits to health and fitness session of over an hour.

The mild G-Force created by rebounding is so effective that a system called “buddy bouncing” is even being used for people who are weak, frail and/or recuperating from illness or surgery. A participant sits on the rebounder while an able adult stands on the mat, legs astride, and bounces them gently. It has been found that you’ll benefit even if you sit in a separate chair with their feet on the mat, which someone else bouncing for you.

Linda Brooks, authority on Rebound Exercise and author of many Rebounding Books, including Rebounding To Better Health, claims that; “In just two minutes of Rebounding – the entire lymphatic system is flushed and the white blood cell count nearly triples, providing a greater defence system to destroy cancer cells”.

Getting children to participate is easy because they love it. Some schools have started to include rebounding sessions in their fitness schedules as well as rebounders in classrooms which are used for 3 – 5 minute sessions throughout the day. It’s a quick and simple solution to getting the circulatory system going which helps the children to focus and concentrate, particularly benefiting attention and hyperactivity problems.

Rebounding offers so many benefits – but the one you’ll feel immediately is the energy boost after every session, whether for 3 or 20 minutes. Like a shot of lasting adrenaline, your mind will be clear, you’ll be able to tackle tasks and obstacles more efficiently – and you’ll feel 100% ALIVE.

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