JUST LAUNCHED – Our brand new Noobounce Instructor Training Course. If you love rebounding and working with children – this course is for you!

Join Igg and Oogi with their Noopet and human friends

as they Sing, Play, Learn and Bounce to places where kids aged 3 to 90 love to go!


What are the benefits?

Over and above the unique health & fitness benefits of rebounding – the choreography, songs and dialogue of NooBounce have been created and designed to address many of the physical, intelectual, social and emotional needs to assist in the healthy development of children, including:

Balance and coordination
Focus and concentration
Fine and gross motor skills
Mid-line crossing awareness
Spatial awareness
Social and environmental awareness
Confidence and self esteem

The magic of it all is that participants aren’t even aware that they are achieving these benefits – because they’re having SO MUCH FUN!

The program was originated and designed by ReboundSA, South Africa’s leading authorities on Rebounding. They are the original creators of themed rebounding “Journeys” and “Adventure” classes for children. They began working with classes and programs specifically for children in 2008, and developed unique and effective techniques to facilitate fun, safe and effective childrens rebounding classes, video’s and Instructor training courses.

The catchy sing-a-long songs were written by Keith and Justine McFarlane who’s songwriting background includes international publishing deals, hits in SA, Europe and the UK, and a SAMA award.

Meet the NOOPETS

Igg and Oogi are besties and they love to sing ‘n bounce and play! They have so much fun finding new friends, singing happy songs and making bouncing even MORE fun than it already is!
Igg is a bit of a philosopher and can be quite serious – but Oogi always brings out his fun side. Oogi enjoys being a bit silly sometimes but her knowledge and wisdom are quite inspiring.

Kiki has known the Noopets for as long as she can remember. As a little girl she had picnics in the garden with Mr Green, learned to dance with Mingo, and created adventures with Igg and Oogi when they were still baby Noopet socks. She sang ‘Weather” when she felt homesick at school or camp, and “Magic” when she sat in the garden watching the butterflies and worms go by.

Kiki grew up to become a guitarist, and studied fashion and nutrition, but she never forgot about the Noopets. One sunny day, she wondered into the garden and found a box filled with her old toys… and her favourite Igg and Oogi book! She was delighted and wished she could go on another adventure into the garden with her treasured friends.

Batty is an adorable bat with a great sense of humor. She is of course, as blind as a bat, and even though she gets the safety guidelines all wrong, the audience and the cranky director love and encourage her. Her ambition is to be a Broadway star and she’s hoping her appearance in NooBounce will help her along.

SafeBee is a clever and kind little bee. She cares enough about everyone
to help out wherever she can – and remind us all to bounce safely.

Mr Green is ALWAYS on time! He never misses breakfast dates and is often joined by his celebrity friends for pie and tea!

Mingo is a bit of a wild card and loves to party. His dance moves are legendary and he’s known to jump up on stage with well known bands to sing a few lines.

Egg (aka “The video crasher”) never wants to grow up and delights in randomly popping up to squawk up in the oddest of places.

The Mouso’s: Carlos and Herbi are musicians who play guitar and trumpet in Igg and Oogi’s songs. They also do a few gigs with Mingo at the pond for Mr green and his friends.

Programme Content

IN THE GARDEN is a 30+ minute video which begins with a fun and entertaining “safety guide”. The Bouncing begins when our human guest, Kiki, makes a wish to join Igg & Oogi Noo on an adventure in the Garden – WISH GRANTED as Igg and Oogi Noo Bounce in!


 The Igg & Oogi Theme song: Igg & Oogi warm us up while introducing themselves and their human guest, Kiki – with fun moves and lots of silliness (Noopets cannot help being a bit silly sometimes)
 Flamingo: There’s a Flamingo who lives down the road??? He moves from the left to the right on his toes, twirling his feathers and fluffing while swinging his hips around??? Yes, his name is Mingo and he teaches everyone his awesome flamingo dance!
 Whatever the Weather: Oogi worries that rain or snow might stop them all from having fun together – but Igg reassures her that if you have someone special, you will never be apart as they will always be in your heart.
 Magic: Oogi thinks flamingo’s are magical and wonders if they can do magic card tricks! They decide to sing MAGIC – which is about the real magic in the world.
 Mr.Green: It’s late and after eight and Igg is peckish! Thank goodness Mr.Green arrives for a breakfast date… and they all hop together… down the path to the big umbrella, and all sit down to have some pie and tea! Ribbit!
 Say Goodbye: After realizing that they used 5 senses to discover magic, Igg remembers there’s a sixth sense, and it’s telling him it’s time to go. “Oh No!” “Can we doo-dee-doo ONE MORE SONG” they all plead! The adventure ends with the catchy Goodbye sing-a-long to cool cooling-down moves!

Programme Safety

The Programme contains the following safety information:

Printed Safety Guidelines
Printed Safety Guidelines for all adult supervisors to keep and read (PDF file).
An entertaining educational guide on safety – for children to watch before their first few sessions.

To the delight of the happy and responsive happy audience, Batty, a fluffy purple bat tries to read the safety guide, but without her glasses, she cannot read the script and gets most of it wrong.

The film director does his best to help her along, but eventually calls in Safebee to assist. The audience, SafeBee, and the director adore the fluffy old bat, and everyone joins in for Batty and SafeBee’s finale, the ABC safety song!

Join Igg and Oogi with their Noopet and human friends

as they Sing, Play, Learn and Bounce to places where kids aged 3 to 90 love to go!

Our 1st Adventure Bouncing video: “In the Garden” is now available to purchase in the ReboundSA store!

Available for purchase in Streaming (high & low resolution) or USB Stick formats.

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