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Join Igg and Oogi with their Noopet and human friends as they Sing, Play, Learn and Bounce to places where kids aged 3 to 90 love to go! Our 1st Adventure Bouncing video: “In the Garden” is now available to purchase for streaming or on USB Stick (shipping within South Africa only).

Meet the Noopets!

Over and above the unique health & fitness benefits of rebounding – the choreography, songs and dialogue of NooBounce have been created and designed to address many of the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs to assist in the healthy development of children. Read more about the benefits in the description below.


  • You will be required to read through and accept our Safety Guidelines before gaining access to the programme content.
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Over and above the unique health & fitness benefits rebounding, the programme have been designed to address many of the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs in the healthy development of children including:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Focus and concentration
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Mid-line crossing awareness
  • Spatial awareness
  • Social and environmental awareness
  • Confidence and self esteem

The magic of it all is that participants aren’t even aware that they are achieving these benefits – because they’re having SO MUCH FUN!

The program was originated and designed by ReboundSA, South Africa’s leading authorities on Rebounding. They are the original creators of themed rebounding “Journeys” and “Adventure” classes for children. They began working with classes and programs specifically for children in 2008, and developed unique and effective techniques to facilitate fun, safe and effective childrens rebounding classes, video’s and Instructor training courses.

The catchy sing-a-long songs were written by Keith and Justine McFarlane who’s songwriting background includes international publishing deals, hits in SA, Europe and the UK, and a SAMA award.

Safety Guidelines

1. Printed Safety Guidelines for all adult supervisors to keep and read (PDF file).


An entertaining educational guide on safety – for children to watch before their first few sessions.

To the delight of the happy and responsive happy audience, Batty, a fluffy purple bat tries to read the safety guide, but without her glasses, she cannot read the script and gets most of it wrong.

The film director does his best to help her along, but eventually calls in Safebee to assist. The audience, SafeBee, and the director adore the fluffy old bat, and everyone joins in for Batty and SafeBee’s finale, the ABC safety song!

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Streaming Only, USB Stick


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