About Keith & Justine

Keith and Justine McFarlane’s Rebounding experience is unparalleled in Southern Africa and are recognised as South Africa’s Rebounding experts. They’ve specialized in their field since 2002 and trained over 3000 students in the corporate, fitness, health and public sectors –

Their background includes running a Natural Health Academy, founding health Associations, writing health articles and columns for the national media and guesting on many radio and TV programs.

The foundation to their rebound training was Lymphology – which identifies and teaches Rebounding as one of the most effective ways to energise and rejuvenate the body to achieve optimal health and fitness.

After years of teaching rebounding techniques to their students and clients, they responded to a demand to supply quality rebounders that had a great bounce: buoyant, smooth and enjoyable – and to design rebounding programs and instructor courses.

They have sold over 12 000 copies of their book ‘Rebounding for Health and Fitness’ and over 15 000 copies of their rebounding DVD’s, both nationally and internationally – and are the most qualified rebound instructor trainers in South Africa.

Even though their rebounders and programs are loved and used by fitness centres and gyms – Keith and Justine have found that rebounding has NO age or ability limit!

Fitness fanatics use them for extreme fitness, health seekers for the extraordinary health benefits, Businesses to improve focus and decrease fatigue, the elderly to keep mobile – and children to address a myriad of needs!

Justine worked with rebounding for young children for many years and observed how well they responded to different techniques and instruction – and began incorporating routines to specifically improve their balance, focus and coordination without them even realizing they were doing this – because they were having so much FUN.

ReboundSA is based at Keith and Justine’s home on the top of the hills in Glenvista where they have established their offices, training and storage rooms, and a space where clients can pop in for a chat and to try out their great rebounders.

Their focus has and always will be: producing programs and training that have a tangible, effective and positive effect on their clients lives – and supplying rebounders that have the safest and MOST enjoyable bounce available in South Africa.

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