Cell Power (Lymphology) Workshops

Two days that will change your life!

“Possibly one of the greatest health discoveries of our time.”

Based upon Scientific and Medical research – Lymphology reveals EXACTLY what the cellular “triggers” are that manifest either health or disease in the human body.

This research identifies the ONE SINGLE PHYSICAL CAUSE of every illness known to man!

Uncovering exactly how the body works beneath our outer layer of skin can take years of study – but understanding the ONE BASIC principle that keeps it either healthy or sick – is very straight forward.

Hundreds of testimonials, both local and international – testify to the phenomenal effects the simple Lymphology techniques achieve.

There has never before been a workshop of this kind – that so simply and effectively explains the exact cellular environment within our bodies – the environment that physically allows either sickness or health to manifest.

Our Lymphatic system plays a MAJOR role in keeping the cells in a “living” state – and by learning how to PERSONALLY move your lymph up to 20 times faster – you will take great leaps towards being in CONTROL of the health of your body.

What you’ll learn


• You would like to achieve OPTIMUM health and energy levels in your everyday life
• You suffer from any form of pain or body degeneration
• You would like to be empowered with knowledge that can literally keep you free from pain and disease for as long as you live
• You are an existing practitioner and want to enhance the treatments you offer.

• How the cells (blood, proteins etc) react to EVERYTHING we do (eat, drink, breath, move, sleep, think)
• Exactly how negative habits create “time-bombs” waiting to manifest into illness/disease
• How we can keep our cellular structure in an “ideal internal climate” that cannot allow disease to manifest
• Techniques that can move your vital lymph system up to 20 times faster
• Techniques to ease and erase pain and discomfort
• Techniques that boost energy levels faster and more effective than ever before
• 3 minute exercises that achieves the same fitness results that would normally take ½ hour
• When, how and what foods and habits create harm within the cells
• And foods and habits which heal the body and reverse adversity.

Want to find out exactly how your body works?

Book to attend one of our Cell Power Lymphology workshops and learn what the cellular “triggers” are
that manifest either health or disease in the human body. Workshops held throughout S.A.

Corporate Workshops

We offer comprehensive corporate training on request, for both Rebounding and the Lymphology course, detailed below.

Please complete the form below or contact us directly. We can tailor-make a package to suit your requirements


“Just a note to say thanks for all the wonderful work that you do. You are so knowledgeable and humble. I read this in some book some time back – ‘Lord, transform the poverty of my nature by the richness of your love’, this reminds me of you guys, constantly learning and sharing.”

Anthea - JHB

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you both at last and to spend the weekend on your course learning ‘GO JUMP’. I loved every minute of it. Keith, the energy you transmit is unbelievable, you are like a bouncing ball that just can’t be still and I walked away feeling hugely energized.

Beverley - JHB

I took your course in February and love rebounding daily – lost 4 kgs and feel considerably more energetic. Thank you!

Liz - JHB

Inquire about our workshops

DATES: Over a Weekend – please contact us directly for dates
VENUE: Rei-Flexology Healing Academy of SA in Glenvista
TIMES: 9.30am – 4.30pm on both days
COST: R1 200.00* (incl. comprehensive manual, certificate & light refreshments. Please bring your own lunch)

* Cost subject to change without prior notice

FOR BOOKINGS or further information about corporate courses & lymphology workshops please contact us on the details below or complete the form on the right and we will get back to you:

Phone Justine on : (011) 682-3584

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