How did it all start? – Pt.1

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Being the biggest and longest running importers, suppliers, writers and trainers in South Africa’s rebound industry – we are often asked: “How did it all start?”

In the 1990s we were running our Natural Health training academy in Johannesburg,South Africa teaching Reflexology, Massage, Reiki, holistic nutrition, and many self-help techniques like meditation, self hypnosis amongst others.

Keith is a prolific learner and has one of those minds that can store and remember everything down to the finest detail. His easy manner and comfortable way with people meant that our courses and presentation talks were always packed. Everyone loved him for his kind nature and unconditional willingness to share his immeasurable mind store of information and wisdom (not to mention his quick witted humour!)

He regards himself as a puzzle builder – always researching and finding missing, unseen or unknown pieces of information that made something work.

When he studied Lymphology in 2002 with Dr C Samuel West in America, he felt that he’d found a puzzle piece that could possibly tie almost everything together. The core technique used in Lymphology – is rebounding.

At the time mini-trampolines were just toys for kids – and there was no information or rebound classes or trainers in South Africa. We felt like pioneers, researching, trying, testing all the while working alone to develop our techniques. Our rebounding business started slowly expanding with small groups and specialized clinics and therapists.

We were amazed that we were the only people focusing not only on rebounding – but also on it’s unique HEALTH benefits. We felt that it was the most amazing exercise ever invented – and anyone and everyone we convinced to try it – LOVED IT too!!!

It was a very exciting time for us – we’d walk into a boardroom or hall full of skeptics – most had been coerced by friends or their boss to attend our talk – and 30 minutes later they were all full rebounding fans, lining up to find out where to buy one!

This was a problem for us too. Where could we find a supply of really good rebounders?

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