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Rebounding, otherwise known as bouncing on a mini trampoline, is a bit like the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” of the exercise world. It looks like an activity with simple benefits – but nothing could be further from the truth. International research has found that the mild but continuous G-Force created by this low bounce offers far reaching benefits that go way beyond exercise.

It not only makes you fit, tones your body and assists with weight loss, but when done properly, it is one of the most effective ways to boost your lymphatic system, detoxify your body and boost your immune system.

“Mini-trampolines” have been around for about 50 years – but what’s generating their re-birth is the combined and new knowledge of HOW to use them properly – as well as technology now being able to produce affordable rebound units that have a smooth and soft bounce.

A soft bounce is able to absorb sufficient impact from your ankles and knees to prevent injury. It’s also much more pleasurable to bounce on – making you want to keep bouncing which is essential for longevity. Using the right techniques is also crucial to achieving health benefits.

Many of us have tried a mini trampoline somewhere along the line and enjoyed it, but it’s only when we experience the immediate results of bouncing correctly on a good quality Rebounder – that it quite literally becomes addictive.

For years, medical institutions have been singing praises for its health benefits – with endorsements from research institutions including N.A.S.A. They did a study on rebounding and called it a “miracle exercise“, finding it to be 68% more effective than walking on a treadmill. Albert E Carter, Olympic athlete/coach, medical journalist and lifelong researcher of (with institutions that include the Special forces, Olympic training facilities and the Hong Kong police force) has claimed Rebounding to be; “The most effective exercise yet devised by man“. Director of recreational sports at the University of Minnesota, Pat Mueller, declared Rebounding to be the “The exercise of the future”. He said, “I’ve seen a lot of sports fads come and go, but this thing (rebounder) is phenomenal”.

Hundreds of books, studies, DVD’s and programs have been dedicated to rebounding, but unfortunately, many companies have missed the point COMPLETELY by marketing it purely as an aerobic exercise. It should first be viewed as a “Health” device, which then has the added bonus of being able to achieve aerobic fitness, toning and weight loss.

It’s true appeal is that even when you bounce gently with both feet on the mat, you exercise EVERY SINGLE cell in you body (muscles, organs, eyes, skin, tissue, bones etc). This makes it a phenomenal detox and cell regeneration program, and in some circles rebounding is referred to as “cellular aerobics”.

Bouncing has always been synonymous with health and fun.

A healthy baby is called a “bouncing baby”, and when we’re really happy – we “Jump for joy”. It’s an exhilarating thing to do, and most of us can remember the mischievous delight of bouncing on our beds when we were kids. It made us feel good because without even knowing it, deep down on a cellular level our system was being cleansed and every one of our 60 trillion cells were having a massage.

Another term linked to Rebounding is “lymphatic drainage”.

The Lymph performs a vital function, but most of us understand very little about how and why it works. What we need to know is that without healthy lymph function, our cells rapidly become susceptible to degeneration – from fatigue, headaches, allergies, weight problems, premature ageing – right through to chronic and acute illness and disease.

A study called Lymphology reveals how and why the body is affected by diet, activities, thought patterns and the environment. In revealing the countdown and subsequent “triggers” to degeneration, Lymphology demonstrates HOW and WHY rebounding works.

In brief; our bodies 60 trillion cells are like little jellies, which should ideally sit snugly together in what Lymphologists call a “dry state”. In other words, there should be no excess fluid surrounding the cells. Scientific studies have revealed that when our cells are in this “dry state”, loss of energy, disease and degeneration theoretically cannot happen.

Our lymphatic system is responsible for removing this excess fluid – to keep our cells in a living “dry state. Our lymph can be likened to our body’s garbage removal system and if it stops functioning properly, fluid containing many things including dead cells, nitrogenous wastes, fat, viruses and heavy metals – begin to collect or “pool” around our cells.

This state is known as the “wet state” – and this is the environment that disease and degeneration thrive on. Many factors can create or add to the “wet state” – but compromised lymph (garbage removal) is a prime factor.

Unlike our heart which pumps blood throughout our body – the Lymphatic system does not have a specific pump of it’s own. It relies on muscular contraction from movement and exercise, as well as gravitational pressure and deep breathing – to work.

When we’re active, we pump it – when we sit, it slows right down. Considering this, it becomes clear why there is so much sickness and disease in the world today. Cars, computers and TV’s have literally turned us into sitting ducks.

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