Rebounding For Health and Fitness (.PDF Format)


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An essential book for anyone wanting to boost energy levels, gain fitness, tone up, normalize weight and optimize health – in the easiest, most enjoyable and time efficient way!!! Justine and Keith unravel a myriad of scientific research (as well as their own experiences) to reveal a clear and simple picture of the multiple effects and benefits of this phenomenal activity.

This in an easy, but fascinating read – one that will empower you with both the means and the motivation to gain optimal levels of health, fitness and energy – for the rest of your life.

This 160 page book also includes Targeting Specific Areas (an A-Z of conditions you can target with rebounding), Rebounding in the workplace, group classes, for children & the frail or elderly, Safety, suggested times, using weights, optimizing hydration and oxygen, supportive nutrition, caring for your rebounder, choosing the right space and music etc. PLUS 16 pages of pictures and diagrams on how to Rebound effectively!



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