‘Bouncing’ from an Energetic Aspect

When an object moves within a magnetic field – it generates electricity.

Dr. C Samuel West discovered that by jumping on a trampoline in the Earths magnetic field, your body generates bioelectricity (internal body electricity). Your body therefore:

  1. 1becomes electrically energised.(bioelectricity)
  2. 2Every part of the body uses bio-electricity to function – and the cells of the body produce this electricity.

If this function is compromised due to cellular damage, oxygen deficiency, or toxification – the body’s energy potential wanes. Rebounding is like jump-starting the cellular batteries – which gives energy (life) back to all parts of the body.

From a “mental energy” point of view, the brain is very much part of this Bio-electricity process – and when the brain is energised, it has a far greater potential for thinking clearly, solving problems and being creative.


“This has really changed my life, I am feeling wonderful, I am calling myself a “shape shifter” as everything is changing, my belly fat seems to be breaking down and disappearing, and when I bounce before bed I am now sleeping, this is wonderful. All I can say is again, thank you, thank you, thank you.”


I’m LOVING this discovery of the rebounder. I’ve been looking for something that would solve all the “problems” of exercise and I’ve found it. I’m reading the book now and passing on the good word to my friends. Thanks to you and Keith for your discovery/ies and effort.


For the past few months I have been rebounding for a minimum of 5-days per week. In this time I got rid of all the excess weight, which I “thought” I did not have and I now carry the same weight as at 25 years of age – promise! I have even started an awareness “program” amongst colleagues at work.

Matthys Ferreira


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