Choose the right rebounder! What is the Difference between the HealthBounceLITE & the HealthBouncePRO?

Both ReboundSA rebounders are high quality and can be used in the home or professionally in gyms and therapy rooms.

Both have ReboundSA’s trademark Bounce, which is Supremely Buoyant and Smooth with a reactivity and lasting “spring-back” which is what makes high quality rebounders so effective and enjoyable to use. Both have legs that fold in and a frame that folds in half.




Maximum user weight limit95kg's120kg (See below*)
Weight of rebounder11kg's12kg’s
Frame Size (both fold in half)103cm103cm
Frame material25mm square tubing25mm square tubing
Frame Height from Ground25mm25mm
Mat Size25mm69cm
Mat Edge safety indicator25mmStandard
36 Springs on both32 x 22 coil wide belly36 x 22 coil wide belly
6 Legs25mm27mm wide
Foldable Leg Connectors25mmSpring Loaded legs
Rubber shoes4mm high, 2.7 – 4mm wide4mm high, 2.7 – 4mm wide
Spring CoverCoated canvasCoated canvas

*Note: the maximum weight recommendation for a rebounder that includes a frame manufactured with 25mm square tubing and spring loaded legs is 120kg’s (less with cheap units). However, this limit is often incorrectly inflated by manufacturers or suppliers – which can increase the risk of damage or personal injury for participants weighing over 120kg’s. Never exceed the weight recommendations of a rebounder.


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